We are proud to have Antonio Soto Medina as our Handler/Trainer. He is the heartbeat of the Equine division of our Farm. He handles the foals from their first breath and they love him.  Antonio (Tony) has an incredible communication with equine from Horses to Zebras and is respectfully fearless which enables him to brake some of the toughest horses. He can teach a horse new tricks and to Spanish walk with a gentle hand.

He will save you time and money and you have a broke horse faster that most trainers.  He is determined and dedicated at his work and we are so thankful to have him on our team.

Training  is……….. $600.00 mo

Full care board is…..$400.00 mo

Vet care is additional.

All horses entering our facility must be vaccinated and de-wormed and have an up to date health certificate.

Please email or call us at (509) 342-4869 for more information.

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